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A Wallet Full of Money and a Life Full of Nothing Essay Example for Free

 A Wallet Full of Money and a Life Full of Nothing EssayIn “Citizen Kaneâ€�, Orson Welles shows the viewer how an adult’s life can be tormented by their divested childhood. In his movie, Welles portrays Kane to be a man with the world in his hands yet he possesses nothing of sentimental value. Not being able to appreciate the people who surround him the way that they appreciate him, Kane turns to money and power to fulfill the love and affection he didn’t receive as a child. Welles portrays Kane’s robbed childhood, his vanity, and his hunger for power as the cause to Kane’s failed relationships and his lonely death.     Shortly after the beginning of the movie, Welles uses symbolism to expose how Kane’s childhood innocence and purity had been taken from him at an early age. In this scene, Kane is out playing in the pure and white snow, which can be interpreted as Kane enjoying his innocent years in the essence of purity that comes with childhood.

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